More About Me

The Realtor with a Heart

Call it my greatest strength or biggest character flaw, but I truly care about people. As a Realtor, helping you make the right move for your family drives me to do what I do every step of the way putting your interests ahead of my own.

It's the human connection.

In this day-and-age of robo-realtors and discount brokers, I'm unwaveringly convinced that when you are buying or selling a home, the value of relationships and good, old-fashioned hand holding matters. Why?

I'm the person you call to walk you through the complicated legalese and negotiate wholeheartedly on your behalf. I handle all the tiny details to make sure your purchase or sale happens as close to on time as humanly possible. I am your full-on partner in this process.

I believe in strong business principals and I've earned the respect of my peers since I started in real estate in 2010. I've participated on leadership councils and served as a mentor with the goal of promoting integrity and civility in this sometimes-self-interested world.

From your family to mine.

I grew up in Oregon and got my Masters in Teaching from Willamette University (educating and helping people is in my blood!). From Seattle to Long Island to West Virginia, my family settled in San Diego in 2002.

Why work with me?

I know you have more choices than ever these days when looking to make a move. Regardless of the price of your home, when you hire me as your Realtor, I promise to bring the same proven approach and commitment to your family as I have brought to dozens of families before.